Friday, 3 August 2012

Lady Bikers

Mmmm leftovers. Miss Em is such a sweetie. After we saw the Pimp My Rice truck she went there for lunch with her sister and brought me the leftovers. NOM! Rice and sweet pork with vinegar sauce. Miss Em ate the egg...I don't blame her. I have no qualms about eating someone else's cold leftovers and now just makes me want to eat a hot, fresh meal there even more. Soon!

Out with my bike boo again. I feel like I am being good and not neglecting him. We will for sure be hanging out this up coming long weekend because husbie invested in something which I am still keeping under wraps for now. Bike outfit...I thought I had lost those glasses and I was ok with it since I found them but they were in my helmet box which was shoved in my closet. Well the box fell the other day dumping out a bunch of crap. I cursed and swore but then saw that the glasses were in with the crap. Score!

These people were all just hanging out like they liked each other. There is no way I would hang out with the people in my building (save for the hot guy on the 9th floor). They were bbq'ing and it smelled fantastic.

I need to be mindful that I look bald when I wear a pony tail and a helmet. I do not pull off the bald look but I have a friend who looks amazing with a shaved head. Don't mind the boobs. They are big and I am not wearing a Big Love compound women dress everywhere.

A ruffle skirt...with shorts underneath of course

Biking through a park with K.P. We were on our way to gather Miss Em whose time management skills aren't the best. I don't judge, I just plan accordingly.

Photoshoot in the park. I actually stopped my bike for this one. I managed to use the 2 trees on the right to unintentionally block out 2 parts of what was going on. The big tree on the far left hid the photographer's assistant which I am pretty sure was just his girlfriend. The second tree blocks the other lady sitting on the cool old sofa with the other lady. This was a very dreamy photo shoot and a damn good idea. I now want to do this with K.P for our 10 year anniversary (we will have known each other 10 years and the end of this month). I wonder if we can enlist Indiana to help with this crack pot scheme. IDEAS!


Rode by this and had to stop

Then I used K.P as a model. She did very well taking direction and I think this is a kick ass picture of her.

There were lots and lots of these piles all over the place. Like one crew came through and cut up the trees and someone else is going to be coming and picking all the dead wood up.

See the NUM? This was a sketchy pic as I was in the bike lane on the road.

Do you se"e" what I see?

An e in the road

Alright so this is not just an overflowing dumpster, this is an overflowing dumpster with a story. The city is decommissioning these community dumpsters. Since I don't own a tv or watch the news or read the paper or leave my little bubble I had no idea that they were decommissioning these all over the freaking city AT THE SAME TIME! I love my city but it's really really dumb. My LPC has likened it to Springfield on the Simpsons and I would agree with that. There has to be at least 10 areas of the city with these style dumpsters. So now it gets icky. People are stupid so they think that end of these dumpsters means it's their last chance to throw out...and I am using this term loosely...anything and everything they are too lazy to take to the dump. Case in point the below photo. Apparently this isn't even the worst of it. It was really bad in the North end. Officials are saying that it is now taking 3 days to do what typically takes them 1. Why was the city so dumb? Why would they decommission like 10,000+ community dumpsters on the same day all over the city? I am no logistics and planning person for a large metropolitan area but this seems like a MASSIVE oversight. What did the city think was going to happen?

Cute little house with tons of purdy flowers

K.P's nameless lady

Shooting into the sun? always

Apparently NOT choke cherries according to K.P

Total Grapes of Wrath in the backlane

Tiny gourds

Dumpster moustache man. Miss Em pointed him out and both K.P and I thought it was a whale at first. I am sad at the loss of all the free public art space but it is only this style of dumpster going, not the big blue ones. I am guessing the art, tagging and graf will be more concentrated on existing dumpsters or people will just have to get more creative.

I like how they are looking away from each other. Miss Em mentioned to her father that she was going for a ride with us and he said something along the lines of "Oh, I didn't know they were BIKERS!" which kinda made us all giggle for the image that it produced in our heads. We are LADY BIKERS!

Molesting a raspberry bush. This was my first ever bike ride with Miss Em.

Back lane berries. You just have to wander the back lanes for a snack

This house also had an apple tree

The hippie bakery

Riding with 3 people means it's hard to get one of all 3 of you. Attempt #1

Attempt #2

 Attempt #3

Attempt #4 SUCCESS! This was snapped very quickly as the light was changing and I am soooo happy that it worked and it looks good!! Left to right...MVJ, Miss Em and K.P LADY BIKERS!

We tootled into the posh, big ass house neighbourhood. House envy.

Drake can dream

Blurry but for such a frou frou neighbourhood, they have the worst streets. I notice this about really really nice areas with huge old houses, their streets and back lanes are shit since they are as old as the houses. If I was paying property taxes out the ass I would have something to say.

I love this one of the 2 of them, my Lady Bikers

Ewww what is this wrecking our lovely stop for water?

We were riding along the river where I get about as extreme as I can with Drake (I only had to dismount once!) and I got a weed stuck between my toe. I didn't really have time to pull it out so it hung out there for awhile.

I have never noticed these before but they are dated '08 and appear to have sufficient weathering to make that correct. I dismounted to take this picture and removed the weed from my toes. I think the dude on the top of the piece on the right looks like the little dudes from The Oatmeal that I think are so cute...and I love the The Oatmeal (who doesn't love The Oatmeal?)

This is totally a potato stamp. I have worked at enough daycares to know. Love it!

I stopped for the pictures and then this lady was I guess curious as to what I was looking and stopped, looked, looked at us, looked at the art again then kept walking. I bet you $5 had I not stopped she wouldn't have noticed them.

This shot was Miss Em's idea, something about lines and the flag. I obliged.

I love this mural it is so colorful and those little freaky animals under the tree are cute

We rode fast and hard for awhile. I am pretty sure that we were all pretending we were doing some Olympic shit in our heads. I know I was! We stopped for ice cream at my request. K.P had brought some cookies that were gifted to her at work and she shared a little. This was a lemon cookie sandwich, like a whoopie pie. It was amazing! That lemon filling was to die for. I have never had anything from this bakery but apparently I need to make a stop.

Raspberry yogurt cone pretending the Banana Boat banana is a cock.

The best and a very iconic sign in this city. I have seen it as more than a few tattoos. Figure it out if you can. Why do you have to go North to go South? BECAUSE! This is city is messed up!

I also did my daily "fear challenge". I was hesitant about telling y'all but here it goes. I finally called and made an appointment to lay on the couch. I doubt there will be any actual couch laying but that is what I am calling it. I am not crazy but I think mental health is important. I have coverage for a therapist through husbie's benefits so I am taking advantage of it. I was just very reluctant to do so. I talked about it then nothing, then I started looking at places then nothing, then I found a place I liked then nothing, then I called the place I liked then nothing, then I called again and nothing THEN this challenge came along and it was the perfect opportunity to face my fears. So I called and this time I LEFT A MESSAGE! I calmly stated my name and number and hung up. It wasn't that hard, but then I started to panic. She was going to call me back! Ahhhh. More fear.  She did call back and I did something I never do, I answered my phone. My phone is usually off, dead or 99% of the time on silent so I rarely answer my phone. I answered, made and appointment and hung up the phone. WHEW....but wait! I now actually have to go to this session which is another new fear. I am crapping myself over this now because it's real. It was just a thought, an idea before but now I have a date and a time and I have to go talk about myself to a total stranger. I am terrified.

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