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The tearing down of the old Vi-Ann restaurant to make way for the mega Shoppers. Movie Village is slated to go today and I will be there camera in hand.

As I stood taking this picture a couple walked behind me and I heard the guy say "A sad fucking day". This has been a hugely contentious issue that has divided a lot of people. I would be angry if this hadn't been slowly happening over the past 10 years. When AA took over the hardcore bar (where someone died in the walls incidentally and where I met Bam Margera outside of a Suicide Girls shows like 5 years ago) the corporation take over had started. At least they are putting a Tim Horton's in the Safeway when they give Starbucks the heave-ho when their contract is up. Double doubles within in walking distance is dangerous!

 Shoot from the hip = capturing a moderately well dressed hipster man

? and I love the construction in the background. I don't really drive and they have been working on the bridge since like 2 weeks after we moved in here so I am strangely comforted by the sounds of construction

Village Beach lives! I am so happy this is still here and no one wrecked it

New wood art. I walk this path often and am observant enough to notice when new stuff goes up. These are so sweet and lovely. They are new within a few weeks. This is art.

This one was within 50 yards of the other one, nailed to an old set of steps that is  high up on the riverbank. I had to climb in my flip flops with the big mama jama and perch precariously on my bad ankle on a loose dirt covered river bank for this picture. I think if it had been nailed on the other way it would have looked like underwear instead of part of a skeleton man face.

We strolled and randomly happened upon Casa Bella. Homemade Italian food and amazing looking pastries.  Oooo mini canolli (bonus points for the person who gets the reference). We got a mocha mini canolli, a hazlenut horn (husbie called it a hazelnut porn when ordering which made the counter girl shake her head) and those things on the top left which look ah-mazing! It is still sitting in my fridge. I looks too good to eat.

"Call me Dusty, Dusty Cock"

Husbie's architecture photography


OMG, so I just happened to turn my head and saw this totally hoarded balcony. How shit hasn't blown off I don't know (or maybe it has!)

I went out for an evening bike ride. The light was so fantastic and it was just a little hazy out... So perfect. I don't ever approve of people putting mostly permanent things on to stone. Dumpsters, signs, most metal is wiped easily of spray paint and marker.

I spied a tiny squirrel!

As I kept biking I noticed I was getting grouchier and grouchier. I was biking myself into a funk, instead of what I usually do which is bike out of a funk. I captured stuff but I wasn't "feeling it". I was totally uninspired. I thought at one point I should take a panda but then was immediately followed with the thought, "meh, why bother?" This is how funky this funk was! I didn't even want to take pictures of myself which I love doing.

KUSH is everywhere and I was actually pleased when I saw this one. Do you remember the first one with the writing added by someone else? This one was writing added to it by the same person. Geographically these are a few kilometers aparts. I am not the only one who travels inside the same bubble.

* I shouldn't speak her name...

This is the other one from about a month ago. Same writing, same person adding to KUSH, same person talking about a woman.


Green eggs and ham anyone? This wall was covered in graf and in a very strange location. I think a building got bulldozed and this wall which was probably really hidden is now in very plain sight.

More KUSH...I swear we got it... I like this one

I saw these 2 really high up as I went to grab Drake to bike away

I think this is supposed to be J.Beibs on this Amuck poster. I wanted to scan the QR code but this was on a sign on a pole on the median except there was no median just a tiny curb not big enough for Drake so he was on the road. I was in between 8 lanes of traffic in downtown. I get some strange looks sometimes but I don't really care anymore.

The shiznit. This is a bike specific cross walk button. I saw this a couple months ago and finally got a chance to snap it. The pole is only chest height and it is really far back from the intersection and right on the curb so it is easily pressed while on your bike. Super smart and the only one that I have seen like it in the city.

I know "of" Carl Sagan but philosophy makes my head hurt

My bike ride did not improve as I lost light so I resigned to the funk and took myself home. Husbie and I got into Dexter on the suggestion of friends and it is rad! We are almost done the 4th season (NO SPOILERS ASSHOLES!) but I would highly recommend it.

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  1. My head hurt from your reference to Carl Sagan and philsophy.

    Carl Edward Sagan was an American astronomer, astrophysicist, cosmologist, author, science popularizer, and science communicator in astronomy and natural sciences. He spent most of his career as a professor of astronomy at Cornell University where he directed the Laboratory for Planetary Studies. He published more than 600 scientific papers and articles and was author, co-author or editor of more than 20 books. He advocated scientifically skeptical inquiry and the scientific method, pioneered exobiology and promoted the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI).