Sunday, 12 August 2012

Mish Mash

This post is going to be all over the place because I kinda hung out then I kinda did nothing then I did something cool! I admittedly was slothful during the Olympics but that was my goal. I wanted to watch as many events as I could this year and thus I saw some shit I have never ever seen before. So I wanted to do a little recap 

What I learned from the London 2012 Olympics:

- China is so insane because in 2001 after they were awarded the 2008 games they started the 119 program which was about hand picking young athletes, building facilities, getting coaches and trainers. It has obviously paid off

- Taekwondo is basically trying to kick your opponents head off.

- Canada really dropped the ball on their opening ceremony outfits

- Eastern European chicks are either hot or look like dudes

- Some guy from the Netherlands just set the new standard for men's high bar and it was crazy

- Usain Bolt has the talent to back up his ridiculous swagger

- Sailing looks like one the toughest things I could ever do and I still have no idea how it's scored (I watched a lot of stuff on the world feed that didn't have commentary so I was left to deduce)

- Italy dominates fencing and looks way stylish doing it

- People need to put on a fucking smile on the podium at not act like a spoiled brat when they win silver

- Soccer and Basketball is waaaay boooring all the time, no exceptions

- I am very interested in the 25m pistol shooting. I can be an Olympian in my 30s right?

- The compound bows look like they are worth more than my life

- Rowing looks like the most painful thing ever

- I love watching the Athletics, Beach Volleyball, Gymnastics and Badminton

- I want to play badminton...I played in high school (I also threw javelin)

- The Industrial Revolution kinda looked like Mordor meets Oliver Twist...have I been reading the wrong history books!

Thanks London and good job! See you in Rio in 2016 and in Sochi (Russia) for 2014.

Alright alright back to my normally scheduled life. Upside down NUM

I found my douchebag trucker hat!

Ummm what the actual fuck?

5 hipsters were doing some kinda of work out in the park...homo-eroto-licious!

Sloppy NUM in spray paint on metal

A very elaborate drawing on the back of a sign


We checked out the Africa Caribbean pavilion for Folklorama.

I failed to notice that tonight was the last night it was open. There was a huuuuuge fucking line. We were there over an hour before the show started.

Youth embassador texting away

After about an hour of waiting in 4 different lines (entrance line, food line, drink ticket line, drink line) I sat down with exactly what I came for...curried goat and Red Stripe beer (I actually wanted a Carib but they didn't have any). Love me some beer and ethnic food..

It was fucking delicious as were the meat patties in the foil pouch in the background. Husbie had the curried chicken and I really wanted to eat a second plate just so I could eat the uber spicy jerk chicken.

The lovely host informed us about various places and things between the musical entertainment which was also awesome.

Dancing to some dancehall style music

Limbo man!


Will he make it???

He was crazy good of course he made it

Bizarre fruits from a weird tree

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  1. Funny you should mention rowing. I watched the one person rowing? paddling? canoeing? and holy moley that looked uber workout. My knee hurt just watching it. I really think every final race / competition in the Olympics should also host one "normal / regular" person to give the viewing audience some perspective on just how freaking good these athletes are.