Thursday, 9 August 2012

Out and about

Bike date with my boo and Miss Em. Testing my camera after sticking the memory card back in after having to go back home for it AGAIN. This is 3 times now that I have left without it and it is getting old already.

4 young dudes had rented one of those group pedal bikes. They were convinced that it was an off road vehicle. I hope they got their deposit back.

Waiting at the skate park for Miss Em so I could fear bust. It's totally been warm enough to wear pants and I am taking full advantage of it. I wasn't ready for the summer to be over 2 weeks ago but now that we are a week into August I feel like it can be fall now. It is already getting darker earlier and it is getting really cold at night despite the hot temps during the day. I love fall and I can't wait to wear the Japanese Muppet Vest.

My lady arrived on her squeaky chariot. Both of our bikes squeak so we need  to get them a little tune up.

Almost all the glass faces are on the building. I politically, philosophically and ethically disagree with this building (it's a human rights museum) but I will say that I will go once and only once to marvel at the crazy architecture and I know most other people will too. So it will be profitable the first year and everyone will say look we told you so  then they will tank in the following years because who wants to go to a human rights museum when they could have gone to a water park. This would have been the coolest water park ever.

Feet and a bike. We positioned ourselves on the concrete ledge to execute my challenge for the day. I am not revealing what it was just yet but I was successful admittedly with a tiny bit of help from Miss Em.

Bison booty

Her bike doesn't have kick stand so we had to lean it (I don't know if it's a she or a he) to get a shot of the 2 of them. Em realizing she is in the shot and check out the water bus cruising by in the background.

Not centered because there were people just out of the shot on the left that prevented me from getting it centered. Drake got another shout out as we were riding home. I believe it was "sweet bike" this time. He gets all the love, I never imagined he would turn heads but he's so gangster why am I surprised?

Creepy birds! There are tons of geese and ducks here and people feed them only encouraging them to shit all over the path...ugh. I hate birds.

Random sunflowers that I doubled back for. I am guessing that these sprouted out of someone's snack that got buried in the river silt. They looked so bright and lovely against the grey palate behind it.

I was losing light fast by this point

So green and spikey

We biked to a bench where we could rest and chat. Chatting with Miss Em is so easy for me and I don't chat with anyone the way I do with her which why I am so happy lately because she is here! She snapped a picture of what if I recall correctly she said "the curvy bike and the curvy lady". We had talked ourselves through the sunset and into darkness.

We ditched the bikes and headed out on foot to get to Kawaii before it closed so Em could have an inaugural crepe. If you recall last time we attempted they were closed. I like this person's penmanship.

We got there, I recommended a crepe (the Uptown), left her in line and made a b-line for the post-it note wall. I was curious to see if any of the ones I left a few weeks ago were still there...they were. Can you find mine? It's obvious.

Cute crepe drawings

Not mine but they could have been. This is why I always carry a pad of small post it notes and sharpie in my purse at all times. I like communicating with the world.

Reading, pondering, getting inspired and leaving her own love notes

Em said my hair looked lovely the other day when I bumped into her at the park. My secret was blow drying it, straightening it and using this! My trash hair product find. This little sample had just been thrown in the trash in the trash in the mail area, still all wrapped up. I assume some dude had no use for this little guy so I snagged it. It is awesome! John Freda Frizz-Ease. It's a 2 part system (most good leaving in products are) meaning you have to shake it before you use it. Rub into damp hair and style as usual. Makes my fine hair so smooth and shiny. John Freda did not pay me to say these wonderful things. I just happened to find a tiny sample in the trash. Before shaking

After shaking. When this little sample is done I will be buying a bottle. Thank you garbage can!

Another thing I am loving lately, this knife set from Costco. Have you seen it? Do you have it? It was mad cheap and our old knives were getting really really dull so he picked it up. I am loving them and I have had to be more careful with my knife skills lest I take of the tip of my finger. I use the small green one the most. I use a paring knife for most things (I am aware that I should use the biggest knife for the job possible but I like the size and control I have with a paring knife and I don't do a lot of huge chopping but I do use the big blue one when I do).

I am going for a massage today and I am so excited. I haven't been for one in forever. I am ready to melt the stress and back pain away.


  1. Frizz-ease really does work wonders, but I still love my CHI hair silk when I can find it for cheap at winners. Hope your ankle is feelin better!

  2. Thanks lady! I am actually contemplating a little physio for it.