Saturday, 2 February 2013

The roughest neck around

I can finally divulge the BIG NEWS that I was forbade from speaking before this point. Husbie is now a rigger...oil hard working love drills for oil. This means he is gone for weeks at time then back home for a brief bit then gone again...rinse, lather, repeat. Admittedly, this was my plan for a looooong time and it has finally come to fruition. I don't like him being away from me or the beasts but this is the way it has to go for our future.

So because of this, one of the requirements was that he had to shave his beard. Well....he didn't *HAVE* to but then he wouldn't have got the job. He has to be able to put on a mask and have a tight seal in case of H2S (we called this sour ass while planting, H2S can kill you in seconds no joke). So he shaved the beard, the Duck Dynasty beard he was growing as well as the beard that he has had for over 4 years!

This is the before beard...large and burly, just the way I like it!


The de-bearding

Face pubes...this was just as he started the grooming. When he was done it looked like a small rodent burrow

GONE! or mostly gone...this was prior to the shaving down to bare skin. I don't know why he is giving this wonky ass smile...makes him look silly.

I thought I would be much more distraught over the death of the beard but alas I wasn't. Nary a tear was shed! Beardless he looks much much younger I think (as do others). After not seeing him for almost 2 weeks, when I picked him up at the airport I was a bit taken a back even though he was shaved before he left. He also looked smoking hot when I picked him up (absence makes the vagina heart grow fonder).

I snapped this quick while I was at a red light. It's new-ish and I am familiar with this artist. I am glad to see this as it means the artist is still working in their preferred medium. It's large too, about 3 feet tall and a foot and a half wide. I would also say that it means spring is just around the corner but it has been in the -40s for weeks (this is no exaggeration, it's been "exposed skin freezes in under a minute" cold) so someone exposed themselves (hehe) to put this up...SUFFER FOR YOUR ART!

This rather disconcerting stickers was put up in one of the elevators in my building recently. Apparently the elevator has unspecified deficiencies. What kind of deficiencies? Vitamin? Mineral? Electrical? Structural? Why not just fix or if it can't be fixed, replace the damn elevator? So many questions so few answers.

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