Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Fat fail

Alright, so I made it 2 days on the Eat Moar Fat n=1 experiment and let me tell you why. It's not because I'm not a fucking solider because I am but rather, I don't eat dairy of any kind (butter, cheese, cream cheese, sour cream, heavy whipping cream, creme fresh etc.), this makes eating high fat pretty hard without being repetitively snoozily boring. Someone linked me to THIS which is a list of 12 foods for nutritional ketosis. Well I don't eat 5 of the 12 things on the list and the others I was already consuming. For 2 days I ate the exact same things just at different times simply because I lack a lot of options not consuming dairy...can you say BOOOOOOORING? I also HATE olives, salmon and coconut milk which would have helped out my cause. I guess I could have just drank coconut oil for a month Mmmmm oily. Me thinks I should have done a little more research first before jumping in to this...oops! Live and learn. I was bored after just 2 days and couldn't fathom eating the same things over and over for a whole month! I would have stabbed myself in the primal eye.

Also, the ladies on the forum doing the experiment eat a lot of things I just cannot nutritionally stand behind like "cream cheese clouds" which is basically whipped cream cheese with stevia....gross gross gross gross. They also suggested consuming Knorr bouillion cubes...MEGA GROSS AND CREEPY! I refuse to self-sabotage like that. So, here is what I is exceedingly hard to do very high fat if you don't eat dairy and don't want to eat the same things over and over again and "cream cheese clouds" are a is FAT BREAD which is just paleo-ified, just no.

The high fat protocol got me thinking though. After my very successful completion of the program that shant be mentioned, I never did a reintroduction process which they do suggest. I don't really have a desire to consume copious amounts of dairy since I gave up drinking cows milk YEARS ago and I was eating cheese only sparingly before doing the program whose name shant be mentioned. But I got to thinking...maybe I *can* consume high fat dairy (can consume as in eat it very sparingly without GI issues) or maybe I can't but that would be an interesting test given the high fat content of dairy. So I skimmed a few HWCs (heavy whipping cream) in the local chain stores. Interestingly enough ALL of them had carrageenan in them! WHY? Why does heavy whipping cream *need* this additive? (carrageenan is a binding agent and it is in ALL boxed coconut and almond milks and is a known carcinogen...I avoid it like the plague) short doesn't!. If you do consume dairy, high fat and unpasteurized is the bestest. Low fat dairy is awful....tons of sugar with none of the fatty fat fat benefits. Raw dairy is scandalously illegal in Canada...lord knows dare people chose for themselves what they want to I scoped out the health food store to see if they had any HWC that did not contain cancerous agents. They had some! Success! I grabbed it.

Horray...cream as the only ingredient! Thanks for the pasteurizing Health Canada

 A nice fatty nutritional profile...FEAR NO FAT! The dairy experiment will see me consuming this at each meal for a day and monitoring how I feel after it.

Check out this cool snow sculpture. These are scattered all over my area for a special winter event called Festival du annual local event celebrating the French culture in my city, check em out HERE I really want to check out the beard contest...I love me a sweet beard!

Husbie made his signature balsamic beets....NOM! They are soooo good.

We've had a lot of snow this, a lot. The snow banks are over 5 feet tall in some spots...dangerous! I slipped a fell on my already wonky L5 vertebra walking to yoga (I know it's L5 because I have a fucking awesome chiropractor who always tells me what's up)...damn slippery Uggs!

Someone has put up some new happy motivational signs on the way to yoga. I usually go to yoga in the evenings so it's hard to capture them without good day light...and I didn't notice them until I spotted the last one "Keep on smiling even for the little things :)". There is LGBQT resource center right by the studio so I have no idea if these are done by it's members or just a random ar-teest, either way I love them!

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