Sunday, 3 February 2013


WOOHOO! My 100th post on ye olde bloggie!

After my disillusionment with the "program whose name shant be mentioned" at the beginning of the month and husbie leaving, I kinda "floated" for the month of January. I stuck to Mark's Daily Apple's 80/20 rule (80% paleo 20% other). The more I read on the forums on MDA the more I am drawn to the larger primal umbrella which is much more inclusive than *other* programs without the drama...ahem.

I was perusing the forums over there yesterday and came across an interesting thread called "Eat Moar Fat!". This is a thread for an "n=1" experiment. The principle behind n=1 is basically you are conducting nutritional experiments on yourself...totally my kinda thing. There is a Potato Diet thread which is another n=1 experiment where people eat only potatoes for a week to see what kind of results they get. Let's keep in mind that the people that are doing these experiments are already successfully following a primal or paleo lifestyle or MDA's "Primal Blueprint", not Crisco guzzlers. They are trying different things on themselves with a great understanding of whole food nutrition. I don't recommend conducting n=1 experiments on yourself without first understand and following the paleo/primal diet for awhile. You shouldn't go from eating burgers and fries and Starbucks to doing an n=1 eat moar fat experiment...that's my disclaimer.

So after reading the thread I got all jazzed up. I geeked out on the sciencey bits and figured out my ratios for the experiment. I had wanted to start some n=1 experiments but the Potato one freaked me out. This one seemed much more do-able for me so I have decided to commit to it and putting it up on here means that I really have to do it.

I won't go into detail about what the protocol for the experiment is but here is the link to the February thread EAT MOAR FAT! Apparently, a lot of people did it in January with great success. The ultimate goal of the experiment is to get yourself into a state of nutritional ketosis (fat burning or fat adapted).

I'm going to post my foods and ratios for the day on here. Today's food log will be posted tomorrow so I am doing the most painful and tedious thing I can think of which is not only logging all my food but figuring out the macros....blah! Macros are macro-nutrients, macro-nutrients are fat, carbs and protein for all of you who are not up to snuff on your nutritional info (micro nutrients are things like vitamins, potassium, magnesium etc). I am actually excited to do this since I love experimenting and trying new things. Husbie thinks I am totally insane as always. Speaking of the husbie he has stuck to the 80/20 principle as best as he can eating crappy crappy camp food that he has absolutely no say on. I am proud of him! I send him away with fish oil pills to balance his O6-O3 ratio, a case of Lara bars and a big bag of raw almonds. He has made the observation during a very informal reintroduction that of all the things he cut out, dairy seems to be the only one that really gives him issue so he is remaining mostly if not totally dairy free.

Also, I stopped eating HUGE salads for lunch and dinner and my weird left side pain, bloating and gurgling went away! I was eating waaaay too much insoluble fiber. I don't eat a lot of raw veggies anymore and that seems to have remedied the issue. I will have a tiny salad once or twice a week gut is mucho happy with me.

Speaking of supplements, I have been meaning to share mine with you. I think that you don't really need to supplement if you are eating a wide range of real whole foods. These are things I take, some on a daily basis, some on a less frequent basis.

1. FISH OIL PILLS - I take 2 of these every morning, some days I take 2 with my mid day meal. Being a land locked land lubber I don't eat nearly enough fresh oily fish (I also hate salmon). I like this brand because it's dairy, soy, gluten free and I can buy it at the grocery store in the hippie food aisle. Husbie takes a cheaper brand that is also creepy-free. This is something I take everyday because I like keeping my O6-O3 ratio in check.

2. ALOE VERA JUICE - I wanted to try this for awhile so I bought a bottle. Mine is the whole leaf stuff, you can buy just inner leaf stuff. I don't know what the difference is. This stuff I take about 2-3 times a week. I thought it was going to taste better than it tastes like crap. Good thing you are only supposed to drink a few ounces. I doubt I will buy it again after I finish the bottle but I wanted to try it (hello inner scientist!). I also ALWAYS date my supplements so I know how long they have been should do this.

3. MAGNESIUM CITRATE - I try to take this every single night before bed but I haven't since husbie has been home *winkwinknudgenudgehowsyourfather*. It also tastes like crappola and does this weird bubbly action when you mix the hot water in. To make it taste less like crap, I use cold herbal tea to top it up instead of the cold water or fruit juice they recommend. I use 2 tsps and I take it to promote better sleep and as a mag supplement (most people are magnesium deficient as I have mentioned multiple times). It also has the fun side effect of keeping one regular...horray for pooooop!

As a final note...I love the song Inner Ninja by Classified and husbie hooked up the satellite radio again and 90s on 9 is probably the best thing ever...I forgot how much I loved that station and the 90s.

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