Monday, 4 February 2013

Fatty McFat Fat

So my first day of EAT MOAR FAT was what I am considering a success. It was really strange and kind of a lot of work to count everything out (I'm soooo lazy!) but I assume it will get easier as it goes along.

My ratios that I need to hit every according to my size and the protocol are:

Fat - 118-206.5g 
Protein - 64.9g
Carbs - 29.5g

I don't know or remember why the range is so large for the fat, I think it depends on your goals for the protocol. I chose to go on the lower end of the range.

So my numbers for my first day were:

Fat - 123g
Protein - 63.5g
Carbs -  33g

Not too bad. I went over my carb grams before noon..OPPS! Nothing major and I'm not freaking out about it, it is as simple as leaving the salsa off my eggs and I need to balance everything out better so I am not just eating a bowl of lard with a spoon for dinner...Mmmm lard. I think it will take a few days to get it "dialed in" as they say but I did pretty damn good for my first day. I learned avocados are pretty freaking high in carbs as well as good fats. Half of all my total carbs was just one avocado! Totally not worth it for me. I will eat half an avocado from now on just to not use up all my carb grams in one go. I was also just shy of my protein for the day which is also fine. It's allllll about the delicious fat.

I also consumed a lot of coconut oil which had an ahem...poop producing affect. I think because I consumed like 4 tablespoons of coconut oil in 2 hours. I think I'll be fine if I do 2 tbsps first thing in the morning (which is my usual 1oz morning shot of CO) and 2 later on in the evening. Keeping them well spaced out should I'm hoping will lessen the poop producing affects, not that I dislike being regular or anything. It's good to know my colon and GI tract are doing their thang and that copious amounts of coconut oil has that affect on me.

Husbie thinks the amount of food I am eating is light but fat packs more calories per gram than any of the other macros. I legit felt full with all the food I ate yesterday. I did not feel deprived or anything.

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