Thursday, 7 February 2013

The Great Dairy Test

After attempting the high fat protocol and failing due to lack of choice, I decided to give high fat dairy a try since so many people seem to consume it as part of the high fat protocol. I gave up drinking cows milk years and years ago with the exception of being with fetuses (feti?). When pregnant I consumed milk...a lot of it and I would only drink the milk from one specific store. We bought some from a different chain store just because it was closer or we had a coupon...I don't remember...but I thought that milk tasted "dirty" and I refused to drink it. Once the children were birthed I ceased drinking it. I recall pouring a glass a few days after my second was born and not even being able to swallow it it tasted so gross. I'm guessing the milk consumption was a pregnancy thing...crazy old pregnancy.

Dairy consumption as part of a larger Primal diet is a contentious topic. Some say it's alright or benign other use the argument that humans are the only mammals to consume another mammals milk well after infancy. HERE is a good article from Mark's Daily Apple about humans and dairy consumption.

Anyways! I got some non-creepy organic heavy whipping cream from the hippie food store to conduct an n=1 dairy experiment on myself. Reintroduction protocol is to consume the food you are trying to reintroduce at every meal for a day and see what happens. First dairy of the day...I put an ounce of the heavy whipping cream in my tea. I measured it out using my bad ass WV shot glass from T.M...can you hear the banjos?

Observations: Look away if you fear TMI...the heavy whipping cream seemed to produce "loose poops" within an hour of consuming...ewww I know right. I wasn't sure if it was the HWC (heavy whipping cream) or the fact that I took my magnesium on an empty stomach last night. I wasn't drawing any firm conclusions from the first dosing.

For lunch I ate normal stuff, stuff I eat all the time like meat loaf, bacon, avocado, pickles, a SeaSnax sheet, kombucha then drank about 3ish ounces of the heavy whipping cream straight up.

Observations: Same as the morning! EWWW! By this point I was starting to see some causality between the HWC and my bowel function...experimention, you seem to be working!

For dinner...well I haven't eaten dinner in 2 days. I gave up the Eat Moar Fat thingy but I decided to just keep eating lots of fat but ignoring the counting of all carbs and such (fuck that counting noise!) so my breakfasts have about 50g of fat I am guessing, maybe more since my daily shot of coconut oil is 28g by itself. This has made me surprisingly unhungry (is that a word? it is now!) at dinner time so I listen to my body and don't eat if I'm not hungry (hello unintentional IF). I needed to get the HWC into me to continue the great dairy experiment so I made up a mug of vanilla rooibos (remember the tea that smelled like cigarettes?) and added about 2oz of HWC. I am really starting to like this creamy tea business. It also made the cigarette tea super tasty!

Obeservations: Lots of guts gurgling and squeaking but no bowel movements, nary a single fart!...interesting. I was not expecting that to happen. I assumed that it would have been the same as the morning and lunch time consumption. Now I am not sure what to think. My results seem to be inconclusive so I am going to do another day of HWC consumption at each meal and see what happens...I also don't want to waste the rather-expensive-for-such-a-small-carton of HWC and another day should finish it off. My hypothesis now is that dairy and I are going to stay broken up since I don't miss it or even have the desire to consume it but that I *might* be able to tolerate small doses of high fat dairy very infrequently. Creamy tea is awesome!

I already have my next experiment planned out for when I finish the great dairy test. It should prove to be more entertaining with lots more pictures ( many times can I take a picture of whipping cream?) My precious has already left on a jet plane to go be a hard working rigger...insert sad panda. He'll be gone for Valentine's Day which I don't give a squirt about but he will also be gone for our 6th wedding anniversary the traditional gift being sugar and iron...WTF? Who dreamed up this crap??


  1. I ate completely vegan for 10 days as an experiment and decided to reintroduce dairy and see what happened. Milk has always been the bane of my existence, hate that stuff. Drink it in protein shakes and that's it. ANYWAY... post 10 days of vegan, milk made me uber sick. Also, so did yogurt, both greek and regular. Cheese is fine. So now I think I understand why I always have a gurgly tummy and why I can go to the bathroom (THAT WAY)5-7 times a day. The guts don't like dairy. So I won't be eating those things anymore.

  2. Vegan is a bad word round these part dontcha know? I really challenge you to give paleo a shot.