Thursday, 28 June 2012

Sweet sweet summer

Spur of the moment this morning I decided to take us all out down to the Children's Museum inspired by my bike ride yesterday . We were out the door by 9:16am which is bananas...I had insane lazer focus. I came upon a squirrel whom I interrupted eating something and I was not quick enough with the baby camera. This was his pile of food stuffs.

I waited for him to stop then stalked him. Squirrels are my power animal, I love them especially the little red ones...hello my precious

In this early morning light if I squinted hard enough I could have almost imagined this was an over grown lease site (in treeplanting it's a place where the drill for an oil rig would have been set up. When they are decomissioned they are reclaimed...meaning they are allowed to be planted. Usually the ground is hard and over grown with tall grass and weeds). This lot had some lovely pre-WW2 apartment buildings that got torn down I bet almost 5 years ago and it has sat empty least they didn't pave it and put up a parking lot...doo dooo dooo.  

This poster caught my eye. I was saddened by the fact that this dude had his bike stolen. I legit emailed him with my condolences because I actually was sad that his bike got stolen and I offered if he gets it back or get another that I am game to bike around anytime.

This part of the poster made me laugh..."There's security camera footage of that ish". I really hope you find your bike Andrew!

Some persons unknown stretched a sock over this post...I like the square sock look, so different from the smooth curves usually associated with socks.

The Riverwalk, exciting as it has been under water for like 5 years rendering it completely useless which blows because it's pretty awesome.

Bridge graf. I would never jump over a bridge/scale at night and dangle for my art which is probably why I am so fascinated by graffiti and street art.

Moorings along the Riverwalk, the HMCS Chippawa. There is still one Naval building near the water but the other was just bullbozed. I can't imagine these were ever actually used for Naval boats on the river but I wonder if I could find out. The water taxi now uses the moorings.

So picturesque, this spot has been up to 15 feet under water during different summers

River bank erosion. It makes me so sad to think about all the huge old trees that have and will be lost because of the crazy flooding that ravages the banks every year. These ones are marked to go before they become a hazard to the Riverwalk users :(

Trying to combat river erosion. All that white stone has been trucked in to replace the lost ground that the water eats away at each year. The second picture shows the difference.

Under the bridges. I get a very cavernous and Modernist architecture feel under here. Must be all the clean lines and smooth concrete plus you get the echo of the 8 lanes of traffic driving above.

This is the spot where my grad pictures were taken almost 12 years to the day that we had our grad. It looked waaaay nicer when I graduated and now talking about it makes me want to cry at the fact that it was 12 years ago and I can remember it like it was yesterday.

Another painted rock, I have seen painted things along this path artist mouse/bear?

There was this old lady fitness class going on, while I don't particularly like old people I approve of geriatric fitness, don't break a hip you old broads!

Since I was in a position to acquire my favorite cookies, I decided that I really couldn't not! I have been attempting to eat decent in preparation for copious amounts of streetmeat and beer on the upcoming long weekend. But I cannot turn down FolkFest cookies from a local bakery. cookies and this bakery.

Children's Museum goodness. I never get tired of shooting inside here...all these were taken on the big mama jama, yes I lugged it all that way with me. If you've got it, use it!

I love the museum's logo. We had season passes, it was worth it for us and we got almost double the value out of it.

I ventured out for beer, milk and batteries when the husbie got home. I love being out in the city in the hot hot heat when you are sweating balls and the whole world seems like it's burning up. It makes a/c that much sweeter. This dude was jammed in the coin slot at the vendor (vendor = cold beer only store) cute pink dino butt.

Crude marker graf

More of the horse graf but this one is on stickers. I love finding the same graf in different mediums. As I stopped to take a picture a man in a fur coat and cut off jean shorts (I can't make this shit up and yes he was wearing a fur coat in almost 40 degree heat) asked me if I was taking a picture of "I will find you"...yeah buddy I was.

I then stopped to take this one and as I stood up a man walked passed me and said "They'll never know". I am not creeped out by any of this I have just never been approached really while I am doing my thing.

As I passed American Apparel for the second time my undies were firmly lodged in my crack and there was no frickin' way I was picking my wedgie in front of full on rush hour traffic so I fidgeted on the sidewalk for a moment with no relief. This is the crazy Asian clothing store. Rumor has it this stuff comes out of whatever the Japanese equivilent of Walmart is. I have bought a navy boxy purse here a few years ago, nothing more. I think of this as hipster clothing now.

A discarded hobo sign...I would have compassion if I didn't know better.

BEERS!!! I bought these with the intention of stashing them and not having to brave the topless, sweaty, flag clad dudes at the vendor on Sunday...signs are not pointing to that happening.

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