Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Hot and humid

I want to inform y'all that I am NOT in love with my new mascara and I am in fact rather disappointed by it. I have been using the stuff on the left for about a year now (different tubes obvs!) at the suggestion of some very special bitches. The new stuff doesn't fluff or pouf my lashes, the Maybelline stuff makes them look insane! Sorry Revlon...and that blue nail polish coming off tomorrow.

For lunch I got all Martha and put homemade pasta salad, chopped cucumber and farmer's sausage in a lettuce leaf and wrapped it up. Food blogger and photographer I am not.

The lettuce leaf on the right maintained its shape perfectly, so I put Mr.Mustard man in it (Mr.Mustard was a gift from me to the husbie years ago) He's so cute!

Delicious but in actuality super messy and I had to eat it like a ham-fisted cave woman....awww yeah klassy like.

It was super duper hot and humid today so I poo-pooed a walk during the hottest time of the day seeing as how we didn't have air conditioning last summer until about the end of July. So I had no problem sitting around in various states of undress with it cranked whilst I shivered. Photo does not convey the heat...almost 40 degrees or almost 100 for you Yankees

I headed out to the 'Tan after to get my bronze on and get to my hairs braided. Only a sick individual blow dries and straightens their hair in this horrible horrible humidity. I left Drake at home so I could do a little post-it note random art project...in the elevator (all taken on the baby camera)

This one was gone by the time I came home a few hours later and it wasn't crumpled up and thrown on the floor...that makes me happy.

New signage posted at the 'Tan...the equivilent to the warning on a pack of smokes (YES I KNOW TANNING IS BAD FOR ME!)

I left a love note for my Sister Wife

I was cackling to myself as I put this one up. I KNOW I am not the only one who loves that song...and the Harvard baseball team...*swoon*...if you have no idea what I am talking about figure it out. I pondered leaving my real number for a moment but I live around a lot of crazies.

Random back lane goodness

I freaking love this one...this is OBVIOUSLY a smashed Bombay bottle, the bright blue glass caught my eye enough to make me squat down in front of a stinky dumpster...I love my gin!

This is new and I have seen it in at least 3 places so far. Spray painted graf stencil that says "hemna!" I have no clue what that means.

On a payphone it seemed even better.

On the liquor store.

I did this one inside the drug store. I am fairly certain the clerk person thought I was shoplifting something.

This one I stuck to the bank machine and tried to make the message funnier than preachy.

More random street goods

My friend's basil plants...purple basil!

A massive fallen branch/half a tree. I like how it is all pyloned off because it's on government property.

There was a perfect low dip for sitting...hello tiny braids, no makeup and fluffy humid baby hairs!

The final one I stuck in the elevator <3

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