Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Poodlely Bits

This heatwave is here to stay and I am loving it! I took out the mini braids this morning and had crazy poodle hair...all weird like cocker spaniel ears. First picture is as soon as they came out and the second after it had relaxed all day.

I changed my polish. I love this brand of polish. It's cheap at the drugstore and the place we buy our groceries (which means I can sneak bottles in the cart...HUSBAND DON'T READ THAT!).   I want ALL THE COLORS! Crappy picture but you can at least read the colors. They have an insane orange color that I am stalking.

This is about a week's worth of wear. The left hand always fares better.

The right isn't looking too bad for a week of wear...disregard where I mangled my middle finger nail and now have to wait for that to grow off. I should not be allowed to have such sharp cuticle nippers.

The color is great but mother bitch did it stain my fingers a cold blue pallor, like zombie fingers. It was a bugger to get off and required several products and effort, but that blue is amazing and I would do it again....deaaaaaattthhhh

The minty green went on and it was also a bitch. Very runny so it pooled around the cuticle but I love it as a fresh alternative to white which I in the summer. Minty! It's not a perfect job but it never is...I don't get hung up on things like that...BUT OTHER THINGS LET ME TELL YOU!

Photo courtesy of the husbie, ignore my pale old lady hands

Drake and I had a date with my girl and her bike which I don't think she has yet to name and it is over a year old! I forgot to put on my helmet for the 2 minute ride to my friend's but took the best panda.

As I waited for her several people rolled by to check out the dumpster contents (I wasn't outside longer than 5 minutes). I have lived where I live long enough to consider this totally normal. I was only able to get this man but I was really kind of shocked when I looked at the picture. I assume my sweaty finger was over the lens before I took it but in my mind he was angel who rummaged through the dumpster.

I made her bf take a picture of us. I might have been mean to him and told him to take a nice picture...he did not comply.

We cruised through downtown. I love riding with her because she has been riding long enough she knows the bike lanes, paths and other bikey stuff.

I love this shot.


I love this one was so freaking sunny I was thankful for the little visor on my helmet. This was taken totally blind.

We tootled around the Exchange and found some LEGAL dudes riding their bikes at the Public Safety Building. I really wish I had brought the big mama jama with me. I feel less creepy approaching people with the big camera, like I am more important and official with it. I am trying to be discrete, I don't know why...I am sure they would have let me take pictures of them.

This guy was riding a sweet BMX flatland bike and I know what that is because my high school bf rode one.

Round about the proper round about.

Near the baseball park.

The new park is open! Very heavy on the Canadian cultural themes but it's at a heritage site so I get it. Beasts shall be taken.

They had a musical area. Stringed instruments, drums, chimes and other stuff.  I like how serious she looks.

Creepy owl eyes! These little animal eye peep holes are scattered all over the park.

Then she licked a beaver...pelt! A BEAVER PELT!!

In the teepee and on the back of a paddle wheel, my tank top and purse match and that is completely accidental.

The stage already getting set up for Canada Day. That flag is massive! Cannot wait to binge drink celebrate responsibly with my fellow country persons.

On the ride home I passed the fallen tree from yesterday. It appears to have been bucked and limbed (thank you treeplanting!) with only piles of branches remaining.

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