Monday, 25 June 2012

Monday y'all!

Busy Monday and one of the first hot days in forever. It was so nice to see the sun! I got some new make up yesterday since I am a make up whore and lurve me some nail polish. I am so rocking that minty green when this blue comes off. The eyelash curler is matte black like Drake/Bill Murray (my bike). The liner came free with the mascara...score free anything!

Beasts and I went for a potluck with friends at the park, such a perfect day. We took fruit salad...everyone loves fruit salad! And that sandwich was so yummy and I don't normally eat tomatoes.

I tootled out with Drake/BM to the skate park with a specific plan. There is so much freaking construction I have to walk my bike for 10 minutes around construction then over the

I love riding in bike lanes and there are some really good ones around here. So pretty!

 My plan was to head down to the skate park to photograph hot, sweaty LEGAL guys riding their sweet BMX bikes...The hot guy gods did not smile upon me and I lugged the big mama jama out for almost nothing. I was disappointed but snapped a few anyways...I couldn't photograph nothing, I carried that b all the way there!

Drake and I rolled out to check out other stuff. I wasn't totally squashed by the bust at the skate park. My very first "panda" (self-portrait on a moving bike...I have no idea why it's called that). I wear tiny short shorts under my tiny skirt. I still get weird looks.

Drake looking gangster. When I rolled through the skate park I got a "sick bike" from a 15 year old dude...yup, sick.

We happened upon some lovely things I know I will always stumble upon living where I do.

204 represent!

I came home to a posted notice that the hot water is not functional in half the building, luckily not my half.

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