Tuesday, 14 January 2014

2014: The beginning

It has come to my attention that I have a blog! And it is rather sad and ignored but let's not fight mmmkay? Life has been the usual crazy business it always has been with yoga and eating food (I was totally clean over Christmas for a second year in a row!) and doing stuff...horray life! 2013 is dead and gone and 2014 firmly in place (and holy fuck January is half over!)

Not much doing outside for oh all of December since IT WAS COLDER THAN MARS some days...legit...colder than some parts of Mars! I got a new Burton winter coat and Manitobah mukluks so I was well outfitted for the second coldest winter in over a century (no joke!) MUKLUKS! Locally made and sooooo much better (and cheaper!) than Uggs with real dead rabbits on them. These pics are from when I first got them in October. They don't look as new now.

So legit they come with a certificate of authenticity!

This is the shortest rise mukluk in charcoal

Pretty bead work

Boot wif da furz

The insides are a million times softer than Uggs

Yoga has been good to me lately and I did a bunch of days where I went to yoga twice a day. My practice has grown a lot in a year and a half and I am comfortable calling myself a yogi. I learned a bunch of advanced peak postures like firefly and bird of paradise which border on Cirque de Soleil shit. I took a Hatha workshop at the end of November and I took an Acro Yoga workshop on Saturday.

I was first introduced to Acro Yoga in my second season of treeplanting. A planter and the cook's assistant were kind of a couple. The planter was super bubbly and very athletic and the cook's assistant was a hippie, free spirit former circus member (Remember the hammock from Indiana's backyard? That was a gift from the lovely free spirit I am speaking of) They would often get into various acrobatic poses and positions. I had never seen anything like that really and didn't see it again until I went back to Moksha because one of the instructors has a passion for it. Well he put on a workshop. I was totally in! It was tons of fun and since most people had a yoga background he moved quickly through the easy poses and we got to play in the advanced ones for awhile. I will be checking out the weekly Acro class at different studio very soon.

I also signed up for yoga Bingo at the studio which starts next Saturday! Should be a fun way to explore my practice and maybe win a prize! Not sure I can ethically agree with eating vegan but we'll see!

Something I ate lately...eggs and farmers sausage and I am not afraid to admit that I ate plenty of danties and chocolates when I was done with more crazy dietary restrictions after Christmas.

What I am smelling like lately. This part of the to.ki.o treats limited edition line from Lip Smackers. I am totally obsessed with the whole line but especially the pink body spray.

It smells like liquid sugar cotton candy, mega sweet

"true love"

The blue one "dream girl" smells really similar to another body spray I bought in the summer. Smells cleaner and fresher...like lilies, apples and jasmine

T.M bought me the pocket mirror from this line for Christmas...love you biotch!

I got a new tattoo! I freeeeeeeaking love it! It's so tight and clean with perfect placement. Mad props to Tyler @ Kapala.

Randomness from the camera. The baby camera sit unused in the bottom of my purse for months.

 The last graffiti I captured in 2013 I captured when there was no snow on the ground but these 2 are obviously done by the same person, I love the style.

Remember in the summer A.C sent me a package and part of the package was a Christmas present? Yeah that's ok, neither did I UNTIL THE OTHER DAY! I dug it out from where I had hidden it.

BEHOLD! Christmas smellies. Soap and cute soap cover which I will probably use year round, pocket bacs and a pink reindeer smelly I haven't quite figured out how to use yet. THANKS A.C love you!!

This one smells amazing, like cookies

My MIL had every single product in this smell in her bathroom over Christmas

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