Monday, 30 September 2013

Sporadic at best!

I know I said I was going to keep on top of this shit but really THE TIME PIE!! Plus my better half has made me a rig wife again so if I thought I was just barely keeping it all together BEFORE...damn... I am lucky I haven't perished OR bought ramen noodles.

Before Husbie left we enjoy some lovely quality time together out and about in the beautiful fall that we are having, it really has been awesome.

Pole posters are a constant and a good source of information on cool shit going on

Out of focus and awesome

Church converted to condos

Pole sticker graf and some really bad ass light. I was on a mission to photograph something I saw earlier in the day. These were all taken on the baby camera because the batteries were dead in the big mama jama


A bike peeking through the green and don't even ask when the last time I went for a bike ride was. I am totally ashamed to admit it

So I think I spilled some kinda booze sticky drink on my baby camera and thus the lens cover retractor thingie was all junked up and slow to open and close. I was very confused when I saw this on the display. I am surprised the baby camera lived another summer.

These guys are obviously from an artist that I have seen before but these were totally new to me and I actually squealed a little

This was what we were out for. Positive happy messages spray painted on "cans" (these keep the holes in the ground that Hubsie works in open)

Love Stuff....awesome


Hahaha my darling with his my beloved beard posing with a beer! What a handsome crazy old thing

Kong wheat paste posters

The pavilion in the park on a beautiful day in my favourite is good y'all

Pink cabbage looking thing

Definitely some sort of cabbage relative

From this close in the hot sun, it smelled heavily of cabbage

Then there was this...pumpkin pie soft serve ice cream. OMG! I hate pumpkin pie and only tolerate pumpkin spice anything (throw your rotten tomatoes now!) but this ice cream was FUCKING AMAZING! Sooooo sooo sooo good!

And because it's been awhile....the weird Google search terms that people found my blog via...2 confusingly for "my y ass", 1 for "didheli" (whatever that means) and 1 for "kissing their own armpits"


  1. Wth where's Oct-Dec? You just left us hanging . Peace

  2. Oh my stars...Senor Dunlap lives and he stalks my blog! Hope you are doing well my Southern belle.