Friday, 31 January 2014

Shows glorious shows

AHA! Look! I am back! Are you seeing you this?? Go me! AND I even remembered that the camera is a thing (note on the baby camera: I cracked the back display pretty bad but IT'S STILL GOOD!!)

It's crazy how much cool stuff is going on in my city right now! Tons of cool things to go and do and see. I could run myself ragged trying to do it all. I did go check out Venetian Snares at Union Sound Hall (love this place!) on Saturday. For some reason Union was FREEZING! like 10 degrees inside cold. I didn't take my coat off all night...legit!!

Crazy mirrors in the ladies room

Someone's 7 years bad luck

Oh yeah...I chopped off most of my hair (not me, Amy did)

Snares has longer hair than I now!

The Snares show was put on in conjunction with Pop Nuit and was part of Big Fun music event. This.

Arteest blurbs

Cool poster on the back

At Don Pedro's beforehand since we was early. I was kinda obsessed with this little red neon corner

More cool stuff going on that I just happened upon and there is still more I have heard of word of mouf style! It's crazy, don't hibernate from -40 GO OUT! The WSO is trying (and succeeding) in being cool

Off color puppetry!  I am pretty sure these guys were at Fringe maybe not this year but maybe the one before?

"puppet nudity"...Oh Google search terms bring me goodness with this one

RWB is badass lately too! Romeo & Juliet over Valentine's Day? Well played RWB. Indiana went and saw the adaptation of the Handmaid's Tale before Christmas *insanely jealy* AND Indiana informs me of some of coolest shit, there is a V-Day thingy for dinner and an arty movie through Peasant Cookery and Cinemateque.


And lectures and workshops at the Community Class room at McNally

AND THIS!! Which I wish A.C and I were going together to (A.C is a Beatles nerd!) but it's going to be awesome! Phillipe Peaches is gonna be mah date. Big love to Ms.Michelle for being AWESOME and giving me a chance to will be paid in cookies, doll!

Stuff that I DO NOT have fliers for...The Crooked Brothers (remember them from Cyclocross??), an art show closing before the Crooked Brother for this man (I discovered his art at Thom Bargen in the summer)...hello amazing Friday night.

I am also an "art enjoyer"

Ghost Twin is playing Cluster; a music and audio multiple day event at the beginning of March. Tranceformers the "rave party" in mid Feb plus a bunch of stuff I probably don't even know about yet. This city really does have some very interesting things to do if you know where to look and have cool friends who are in the know).

I got a Fitbit for Christmas, it's pretty cool. It tracks your daily movement and sleep and some other stuff too and you can keep track in real time with an app on your phone. NEATO! (I spy mukluks)

It has lights for progress. Goal is to light up all 5 lights in the day and you can change your goals through your profile on the Fitbit website or app.

Jean short year round? Yes please. Jean shorts Hollister stolen from SisterWife and an ancient pilly Forever 21 black tank I loooooove! L'oreal Greycian Goddess polish on the toes.

Amy, my beautiful and talented hairdresser also does a billion other things and this is one of them. She refinishes antique furniture with a friend. So pretty!!

Random color and shape fun

I have taken this same picture multiple times because I am in love with the painted wood window frames and the century old brick...obsessed!

Saw this when I was at the book store...!!! OMG make your own book, 'zine, journal etc. I am excited about this now to let ideas blossom and marinate.

Cool books that remind me that I SHOULD be making time to it!

And now for weird Google search terms and oh are they gooood. I missed some in my absence but whatevs...ok so 3 people arrived via "chicks in shorts" (can't blame them, love me some cutoffs! see above), 2 for "mikki blog winnipeg canada" which creepy because person(s) are specifically searching me out but I do understand that I have am online and I am putting myself out there so to speak. And these all were single search hits: gay crips, big zoom ass hole picture blogspot, flexy diaries, girl rubbing oil and yoga wear skimpy. Hahaha always entertaining mixed in with normal search terms about make up, water bottles and whole30.


And the cute in my life

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