Monday, 26 November 2012

Test Kitchen: Day 1

30 came and it's here and it really wasn't anything to throw a hissy over. I did the things I love with the people I love and that included hot yoga with K.P. She did so good and I was so proud of her. The instructor asked how old I was and I said 30. Apparently her idea was to do as many vinyasas as my age. Vinyasas are like yoga push ups and link 4 moves together in a flowing manner. A regular class has about 10 vinyasas but I was amped to do 30...others were not as amped to do 30. I think we did about 24 but I felt great doing them with no fatigue and K.P pushed em out like champ.

I came home smiling to make food with my husbie...I swear my fishie cutting board was giving me the "life is groovy" smile. He was recused from a bin about to hit the trash years ago. That avocado was not ripe...unripe avocados are my first world problems right now.

 Hard boiled egss were made to sing


I got dem bones son! Sunday is officially starting making your week's bone broth day.

 I roasted my bones before hand this time because it's effing SMART!

Pause for food...big ass salad and tuna lettuce boats with homemade mayo and sauerkraut! I am so proud of myself for eating sauerkraut. It is something I was confident I would never love but it is actually really good in this combo and the only ingredients in mine are cabbage and salt and it's made in Germany...right proper.

Roasted marrow bones. I poked the know...for science and shit....One it was really hot and two it was very delicious and jelly-like. Apparently a restaurant near me serves great bone marrow, I now of course want to check it out.

I brushed the bones with tomato paste for the last 20 minutes of the bone roasting process. This batch of bones is identical to the last batch. My next batch has a different combination of bones...yes, I am already hoarding more bones in my freezer.

I decided to use salt again at the beginning. I used this tiny amount of pink Himilayian salt (I love this salt!)

Bones in the pot...add water and walk away

Homemade compliant bbq sauce bubbling away

And the finished delicious product.

Birthday dinner! Sushi was typically our celebratory meal but I decided to make my own birthday dinner...burger...not just any burgers....bison burgers...not just any bison burgers, bison burgers WITH LIVER! YES, my 30th birthday dinner burgers. More "lettuce boats" as we call them, these have essentially replaced bread for things like sandwiches and burgers.

A done up bison and liver burger with homemade mayo and bbq I wanted to try organ meat and liver seemed like a good place to start. I used a 10% liver ratio to 1lb of local ground bison. I don't have a meat grinder so I just chopped it up and put it in the FP until I had liver paste then mooshed the liver paste into the ground bison as I was squishing in the seasonings.

Burger making station with a fresh batch of bone broth in the slow cooker...happy kitchen!

Lots of test kitchening occuring this week as I am in the final stages of preparation for a pretty big challenge. I feel like I have more than just the basics nailed down which is great. I also have more than a few people curious about bone broth, hot yoga and lots of other good things which is super awesome!

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