Sunday, 25 November 2012


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! I officially have lived longer than I ever though I would, for some reason I have always thought I would be dead by 30 but I'M AAAAALLLLIIIVE, loving it and actually in the best shape of my 30 is fucking awesome!

Since I've been gone,  I haven't taken many pictures. Yoga kinda sucked me in then craddled me close to her warm sweet pachouli scented bossom and that's where I am have been nestled but work on the massive Shoppers continues. This pic is over 2 months old. They have all the iron girders and I beam up now.


A particularly foggy day

The happiest avocado pit you will ever see

 We carved pumpkins...this is husbie's...I love his happy face

Mine...I refuse to branch out and I carve the same simple face every single year


The light in your shinnnning

Then Miss Em came back into town to visit...and she jacked my camera and took about a billion pictures. I love when I get camera jacked the follow 5 photos are taken by her.

J wrecking a lovely shot of the 2 of them

I made them a paleo feast to dine on...Mmmmm sweet potatoes

Red, our darling fishie pants


My legs in long underwears, I am spying on the dinner in the oven but I love this shot and it reminds me of yoga for some reason

And the snow is on the ground now...all this now fell in less than 48 need to call the army, we just plow and carry on

 Paleo breakfast for a queen. I ate this for breakfast 4 days in a row it was soooo good. Sauteed zucchini, sweet potatoes, egg, oxtail meat, avocado and wilted greens.

And of course a delicious mug of bone broth (in a Lion King mug...what?)


Same breakfast different day... I am slowly phasing out my non-stick pan as I properly season my cast iron. Sauteing veg and meat.


After eggs are added...I call it a breakfast scramble or stiryfry

Plated and looking delish

Wilting baby green in tallow...Mmmm



 More snow and treacherous driving

OH LOOK a tiny spaghetti squash...this cutie is birthday dinner

Tree sap goodness. I've never tried this kind before and it is AWESOME, it's very dark (the darker the better...In America, Grade B maple syrup is paleo-good-to-go. In Canada we grade with numbers and colors...Grade.1 Medium is paleo-good-to-go.)

 It even had a paleo-approved although I am sure completely unintentional dressing recipe...YES, mayo is paleo-good-to-go AS LONG AS YOU MAKE YOUR OWN...I do, it is the fucking bomb and so easy sleazy.

GAY TAPE! I went to evil Walmart and got sucked it....but it's rainbow tape I couldn't not!

Rainbow notebook! I might be obsessed with the rainbow lately.

GIMMIE PRESENT! My gift from the husbie

A smart oven so I can get rid of my microwave...irrationally excited!

Sexy blue LCD may I bask in your light?

My next Breville....a muthatfucking juicer!

 Test kitchen-ing some roasted broccoli

More gifts... a nut milk (HEEHEE NUT MILK HEEHEE) bag for homemade nut milks and a CUPPOW!


I totally have a thing for mason jars and drinking out of them. I think I got more excited about the Cuppow than the Brevilla...Bone broth to go anyone?

Homemade cashew butter (I heart my Cuisinart FP...big time)

Snackies (fyi..there is debate over whether green beans are paleo...but they are for sure primal and DEFINITELY better than chips or crackers)

Pumpkin cranberry muffins from Everyday Paleo and I suck and can't find the link for the recipe ATM...these are for sure not vegan...I recall 6 eggs being part of the recipe.

I got a nasty cold and husbie bought these on a whim. I normally hate lozenges but these were 99.995% pure Canadian honey.

Absolutely no creepiness in the lozenges. They are really nice tasting and provide good throat relief. No creepiness and made in Canada, I am a big big fan.

 I am taking K.P (soon to be Mrs.K.S!...she's engaged) to pop her hot yoga cherry (ewww) at my home away from home, the Moksha studio. Namatse Bitches.

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  1. That brekkie looks fab! As scrambled is the only way I can eat eggs, I may have to try those couple of additions! I still love tomatoes and dill on my eggs tho.