Thursday, 29 November 2012

Test Kitchen: Day 4

Anticipation! First thing I did  (because I was hungry!) was crack open my bone broth

Hmmmm much liquidier than the first batch. I am wondering if the tomato paste had anything to do with inhibiting the jelly formation since tomato is acidic. Oh well no worries, I know all the good stuff is in there. If you attempt bone broth and you don't find meat jelly FEAR NOT. All the goods are still in your bone broth. Mine was a very rich dark brown color this time.

It honestly looked like a massive creme brule

Can you see that tiny little strip of light floating in the air? That is the massive 150 foot Ikea sign you can see with the naked eye from my house. Ikea opened here yesterday. People lost their minds. People waited in -30 weather for over 12 hours. People are fucking stupid.

Back to the kitchen! I learned all about the terribleness that is carrageenan about a month ago and now I no longer buy boxed alternative milks (LOADS OF CREEPY THINGS!) for myself and my family to drink. I make my own bitch, I'm like the hippie, primal Martha. So I soak my own nuts...everything about making your own "nut milk" is high-lariously childish to talk about. Soak your nuts in a bowl of water for like 12ish hours.

Soak dem nuts

This is why you soak your nuts! It removes the stuff in them (super scientific...stuff, in almonds) that can cause bloating and discomfort in people. Plus dem nuts get all soft and water logged. Admittedly I peeled and ate about 4 water logged nuts before remembering that I was actually making something. Soaked almonds...very yummo.

Almonds meet my friend the Blendtec

Mine is a handmedown that is missing the top matter I am clever and talented, check out this action shot. I blend it twice on setting 5 which varies the speed during the cycle and it runs for 35 seconds. Run longer if you are using a regular blender.

Perfect and frothy no creepies. You can add coconut oil, dates, vanilla, cacao powder, maple syrup and other things to your milk to your own taste. I leave mine nude.

There are no pictures of the straining process as it is a one woman job and I have put the poor mama jama through more food than I ever thought it would see. I strain my nut milk through my rawsome nut milk bag. Then you can save the pulp to make almond flour. I was lazy this time and didn't. Glass milk jug is a precious thrift store find. No lid but I seal it with a piece of plastic and a heavy duty rubber band. Ingenious!

You might never see this again...ok actually you will never see this again. The test kitchen counter clean, clear and wiped down. Look at my sexy Cuisi FP in it place of honor on the counter. Ignore my ugly cabinetry and even uglier hardware, I can do nothing about that.

I promptly covered the counter with the dinner preppings. I think these are Korean yam. They were purple on the outside so I thought they would be purple inside. Nope, white. I was cooking for a friend who was coming over.

Peeled, diced, drizzled in extra light evoo (I don't like olives or the taste of evoo that isn't light. The light stuff makes ah-ma-zing mayo)

I wasn't planning on making 2 separate dinners but that's just kinda how it happened. This ground turkey needed attention, I needed protein in my dinner and I need to eat it soon as I was scuttling off to Hot Flow (some would call this "power yoga"...I hate that term...fear not, a big yoga post isn't far off!) Burgers are easy and I had fresh rosemary...fuck yeah, who's the Martha now!

 Then I remembered that I went to my fantastic (seriously, y'all should be very jealous) local natural meat store. Hands down best meat ever and all but 2 of their smoked products have sugar and most are egg, wheat, dairy and soy-free and are made from local animals. Fresh proscuitto!  I ate a few slices and chopped up a few slices into the ground bird with the rosemary, pink salt (Himalayan, not curing) and fresh ground pepper.

Cooked em in the cast iron since I was too lazy to turn on the bbq. I am happy to report it didn't smoke too much 

And they turned out fabulously, especially for being cooked in a pan on the stove


A little rosemary on the Breville roasted Korean yams

My dinner of proscuitto rosemary turkey burgers topped with more proscuitto, fried "rice" and a salad with homemade dressing. I also ate the burger with my own and easy and it perfectly fueled my very very intense yoga class

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